Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Quilting friend Texas Quilt Show

I made a new quilting friend on my trip to Texas in June to attend my nephew's graduation and visit family.  Her name is Elaine G.  I met her through my very sweet niece who just happens to be friends with one of Elaine's daughters (another delightful girl).  The girls got us togehter and we all went to a quilt show. We had a wonderful time and went to lunch after the show and then she invited me to her home to look at her beautiful quilts.  She does redwork and had several wall hangings I loved and also showed me a batik beauty she had just completed piecing in fall colors.  Very pretty.  Here is my new friend.
 and a few pics of the quilt show we attended. 
I think Elaine voted for this one as her favorite.  There were many talented quilters displayed and every row we walked down was full of eye candy.  I was especially taken with a black whole cloth quilt with some star appliques that was quilted with decorator threads and every inch covered with the most fantastic quilting. 

Check out this dragon

Close up of the scales and quilting. 

I can't figure how to get my pics all the same size, hope you can see some of the detail.  Look at the pieced leaves on this last one and the cat in the corner.  Cute.  Well, hope  you enjoyed the show.  I will come back and edit when I find my souvineer postcard to give credit to the quilt guild that put on this wonderful show.  Bernie


  1. Fabulous quilts, Bernie. Are the dragon scales 3 dimensional? Enjoy your new friend--sometimes we get so stuck in our personal ruts that we forget that there are new friends out there waiting for us.

  2. Hi Barb, Yes, the dragon is three dimensional. I can't for the life of me remember what those little diamond shapes are called in quilt language. I have seen them used around the edge of a quilt. It is always nice to meet someone new and find out you have a real passion in common. Bernie

  3. Bernie, these are beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing the pictures. My favorite is the red, white and blue star. The quilting is just wonderful. Robin