Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mixing, matching, I love the weekends

I missed the Friday night sew-in, just too unmotivated to do more than read and relax.  Saturday mornings are for QVC AM Style while I tidy up my bedroom and drink my coffee.  Then 2 sewing shows on the local PBS channel, today is Fons and Porter and Sewing with Nancy, both excellent programs.  I was hoping to get into the sewing room this morning, but my glasses are broken and I need to get to the eye doctor and get them fixed before noon when the office closes or I will be near blind all weekend.  I have an old backup pair, but they are not quite the same prescription.  Remember the fun day I had with friends awhile back? Well, we did some quilt shop shopping and this was what I purchased.  I really fell in love with the blue and white on the far left in this picture. 
I love big florals - and the check/plaid? fabric just went with it.  This might turn into another apron, but I am also thinking pillowcases so we will see. 
I added the top purchase to fabric I already had on hand

Ummm - no, I think I will pull out the blue and white piece and add a dark green.  The mottled red is not really working either.  I don't often buy yardage for quilting unless I am looking for backing fabric or a pattern specifically needs it.  Again, I am thinking if it doesn't turn into a quilt it might turn into placemats and napkins.  I need to get busy now so I can have some fun later today in the sewing room. Adios - Bernie

Monday, January 17, 2011

A new apron and project progress

This was a good weekend.  I finished one apron and worked on the Christmas applique blocks AND started cutting and fusing  the t-shirt quilt.  There was no model available so here is the apron as best as could be arranged on the back of my sewing chair

The buttons will be added to the top to put a little "tuck" in the bib area, which is too big.  but luv the big pink pocket and ruffles.  I made the pattern XL which would be perfect for a man (without the ruffles maybe) LOL, so I will make it again for the "guys" in the family to give next year for Christmas.  They are all pretty good cooks.  
Now this Christmas applique quilt is part of a block of the month I purchased a couple of  years ago and just got burnt out on. 

I don't know if these pictures will allow you to enlarge them or not, but the pieces are all appliqued by machine using decorative stitches and threads.  I am especially proud of my snowflakes. 

I completed two rows and quit.  I worked on two blocks this weekend and got to the point where I am ready to stitch the applique down, but I think I will work on the entire row and then applique as that requires changing thread fairly often.  Below are the two blocks ready to be appliqued.

This little angel and tree are facing the wrong direction, I forgot to reverse it when I traced it, but it is okay, I will use a darker thread to outline her so her little feet don't get lost in the snow. :)

Next was my youngest daughter's T-shirt quilt which will be a "band" quilt.  Her collection of concert t-shirts.  I will need to figure out a layout after getting them all cut and stabilized, because I realized today that I cannot cut them down to one size.  Pictures of those will come later, not much to look at now. This is her graduation quilt so I have until spring to get it completed, my plan is to back it with flannel and skip the batting, but now I am not so sure because it is hard to find the flannels I want.  Right now I just want to get them all cut out. 

I also spent a little bit of time reorganizing fabrics.  I usually purchase fabrics with an idea or pattern in mind.  It might start out with just a particular color combination or a pattern I want to try out.  So, my fabric is organized by project rather than by color.  This seems to be working for me except that I really need to label my containers so that I know what is in them.  Time is wasted opening them up to look for a certain pattern/project.  Hope everyone got some sewing time in this weekend.  I'll be checking your blogs. Adios, Bernie

Friday, January 14, 2011

Tablerunner (I think)

Finished piecing this table topper which was orignally intended for Thanksgiving, but after piecing the blocks I was very unhappy with the colors.  I chose a deep, dark pumpkin solid (I blame that choice on all the pumpkin bread I was baking at the time LOL) and just thought it was ugly.  It came down to either put it away in a box and never look at it again or finish it.  I had just barely enough of the fruit patterned fabric for the outside border and that made a big difference to my eye.  It was  hard to photograph, the color seems off.    ah well, if I cover it with a centerpiece and candles it won't be too bad. :)

This weekend is a long weekend for me, so I am planning to work on the aprons and pot holders I have been so busy cutting out.  I also vow to work on at least one block of the Christmas quilt I started two years ago and start my daughter's t-shirt quilt (if I can find the knit interfacing).  Adios Bernie

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Very BIG Bag

I wanted to post a quick pick of the new carry all I put together the past few days.  The pattern was designed by Penny Sturges for a charm pack and it was published in the April 2009 issue of McCall's Quilting magazine. 
This is truly a big tote, I can see using it for the farmer's market or as a library bag or grocery bag or diaper bag, etc.  That is my 19 year old "baby" modeling it for me. :)  I still have to topstitch the opening and add a button or snap, I will gift it to a friend of mine to use at farmer's market in the summer.  To give you a better idea of size look at it next to my machine -

I used a little charm pack I won at a raffle last year.  It is a cute, fast project where you can showcase fabrics.  I made mine with longer straps than the pattern instructions because I would rather throw a bag over my shoulder or crossbody.  Hope you liked it.  Adios Bernie 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thanks to Vesuviusmama & take a look at that potholder!

It is snowing to beat the band outside and I doubt very much the roads will be decent for driving tomorrow, so maybe I will take a day to stay in and sew.  My youngest daughter came home and brought two of her girlfriends with her and so I have plenty of company.  We will all be snowed in together. 
The new background for my blog now includes and a real booklist (big thanks to  Erin at My Patchwork Life for giving me directions I could follow) :)  I just finished Christmas with Tucker by Greg Kincaid and recommend it highly. 
I also tried to upload my pictures directly from Shutterfly, but not too sure I like that.  Big OOOH and AAAH for that potholder, which was practically a whole afternoon project.  The matching microwave mit did NOT turn out and after ripping it apart twice, it went into the trash bin. YES, that is a corning ware coffee pot sitting on my stovetop - I make my coffee on the stove and it is soooo good.   I did cut out three more potholders and an two aprons, but jumped the tracks and started another project which I already had cut and waiting (I think I will finish it tomorrow if I stay home). 
Yesterday was a sunny, if cool day and some dear friends called and invited me to lunch.  We went to lunch and then did a little shopping at local antique stores and of course the little quilt shop on the way.  It was so much fun and the quilt shop was clearancing out their Christmas fabric, so we all collected some pieces and I pretty much spent the last of my Christmas cash.  I seem to have a definite blue streak going fabricwise and when I figure out how to download the pictures from my camera I will post pictures of what I purchased.  Adios. Bernie


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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pueblo West Quilters

Well, I have played around a bit with my blog background and settings - taking advantage of the free sites out there.  It doesn't look exactly like I want it to yet, but I will keep trying to get it looking nice.  I would like to add a book section that shows pics of book covers, but can't figure out how to do that yet.  :)
I belong to a group of quilters which meets the first Monday of each month to share our love of quilting.  I have been a member of a quilting group for  probably 7 out of the last 10 years off and on.  I enjoy belonging to a group because it is a huge treat to see everyones quilts at "show and tell" time and also it is a great way to take affordable classes and learn new techniques.  We met the first Monday of each month and on the 3rd of January, new officers were introduced, a new block of the month was introduced as well as the pattern for the groups LUV quilts which are made by members to be donated to local charities.  This group has grown over the years and  I would guess it now has over 50 members.  LOTS of VERY talented quilters.  I have added their site to my sidebar and if you go to the site and look they have an open photo album where the pictures from each meeting are shared. I think one reason I am a blog "lurker" is I really enjoy looking at quilts and other sewing projects.  I picked up two new books for Christmas, one is The Apron Book and the other Miss Rosie's Spice of Life Quilts.  Both look really good, hopefully I can share more about them next post. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

01 - 01 - 2011 HAPPY NEW YEAR

This is the year I will post regularly to my blog.  I will keep a camera in the sewing room and remember to take pictures.  I will make time to create, sew, read, every day. The holidays were wonderful.  I am blessed.  Welcome 2011.  Bernie
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Salazar December 30, 2010