Friday, September 7, 2012

Thank you Vesuviusmama

Recently had a book giveaway.  I asked for the book on baby quilts because of my two new grandbabies - and look at the very generous package I received.
The book (P.S. I love you two), three generous cuts of children's prints fabric and a thank you card for following her blog.  WOW - it made my day. Thank you Erin.  You are so sweet and generous.  She has a great blog, she writes well and is fun to read. Also, unlike me she actually posts regularly. :) Check it out if you get a chance. 
My last quilting project is on temporary hold while I wait on matching fabric for the border, but I did start a few placemats I hope to finish up and snap some pics of tomorrow and a small lap quilt from 5 inch precuts which is also on hold because I really think I needed to add a bit more contrast to the pattern. 
Here it is September, the weather is starting to turn a little bit after a very hot summer. I do believe I will have to send out the quilt tops completed this year to a longarmer if I want to give them as Christmas gifts.  We shall see.  More tomorrow.
Adios, Bernie

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Batik Twister Around the World

Sometime close to the beginning of 2012 I decided I was going to put together quilts for Christmas gifts.  I was sidetracked for about five weeks sewing baby layette items and of course a quilt for our new grandbaby.  So far, so good. I have two flimsy's to share today and one on the design wall and of course am still working on that T-shirt quilt :).  
This Batik Twister is for my sister and her hubby.  I don't have to worry about any of them seeing these because they do not read my blog.  Several years ago I won a drawing at my quilt guild and won lots of fat quarter batiks.  I really just didn't know what I wanted to do with them until I started seeing these twister quilts.  I think I will name this September in the Rain.  It is a nice sized lap quilt for their living room which she has decorated in very warm fall colors.
I should have taken a few close-up shots, the colors in this flimsy are so vibrant, it looks so pretty, maybe after it is quilted I will get some better shots. 
Next is my first trip around the world ala Eleanor Burns.  I just love her books because everything is step by step instructions and so easy to follow.  This fabric also came from my stash.  I had a little trouble with one of the greens, I don't know if I measured wrong or if the fabric stretched, but during construction had to readjust at that one square.  This flimsy will be a gift for my brother and sister-in-law.  Their living room is done in soft green and blues, so I think this will be a good couch cuddle quilt for them.

I don't know if I will quilt these myself or not, I might have to send at least one of them to the longarmers if I run short of time.  Sneak peak of design wall

If I show more you will guess the pattern - ? This will be the wedding quilt for my daughter and dear SIL, I hope to have this done by Christmas too.  Their colors were red and brown and they don't know I am making this, they have been married for two going on three  years now so it will be a surprise for them. 
This year feels more productive - I think making the lists and trying to keep written documentation of what I am working on each week has kept me focused.  It is a good feeling.   Gotta go - work tomorrow.  Adios  Bernie

Monday, June 11, 2012

Grandma's Dresses

This quilt hangs on the wall above the daybed in the small spare bedroom; I purchased it at a quilt show many years ago in a small town not far from home.  Each dress has little buttons, lace around the collar or a bow or a little belt.  It appears to be a pieced block, I wish I could get a better close up picture of some of the dresses, but my camera just blurs it.  Isn't it cute?

Life has been busy for me the past few months, watching grandbabies and trying to keep up with everything else.  I am hoping to get a bit of sewing in this Sunday and some pictures of my flimsy's (2 down, one on design wall and still plugging away on the t-shirt quilt).  So I have been busy - more pics next week.    Bernie

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Welcome Penelope

Well, our fourth grandchild was born on April 10, 2012.  6 pounds 13 ounces and all of 20 inches long.  She is a little sweetie. 
I took off a little over a week to help out with her(and loved every minute). The grandbabies are keeping me busy this year.  :)
On the quilting side I have been busy and have worked on both a twister quilt and a trip around the world.  I am trying to get at least four quilt tops completed for Christmas gifts this year.   Here is a sneak peak of the twister on the design wall
These twister quilts are so much fun.  I will be doing another one I think with the smaller ruler using some charm packs.  I will post another pic once I get the borders on.  I actually traced around the ruler and cut row by row.  I was not comfortable using the rotary cutter in such a tight space and was afraid I would overshoot and cut into my next block.   I used the Fons and Porter white pencil, which showed up great on these batiks.
The trip around the world I am working on is ala Eleanor Burns (I love her books because the directions are always so detailed).  Sneak peak of progress on this one
Sew now, all is good.  I will end this post so I can go visit my favorite blogs.  Adios Bernie

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Penelope's quilt / Scallop edge

I recently completed this quilt for the new grandbaby we are expecting any day now! I used a panel which was purchased several years ago and tucked away in my stash, as soon as my daughter told me it was a little girl I knew what I was going to use.  I cut the panel up and pieced the hourglass blocks using solid pastel fabrics and mixing it up with my slowly growing stash of 30's style fabric. 

This is a terrible picture, but the best I have of the entire finished quilt. That is my daughter with the big smile at her baby shower. I think she likes it.   Here are a few in progress pics. 

A few quick notes on this; I used two different marking tools; the Quilter's ultimate marking pencil and Frixion pens.  The Frixion pens worked great - the ultimate marking pencil did NOT come completely out, even after using pretreatment and washing the quilt three times.  I used Hobbs wool batting and did all the quilting myself on the Juki98.  Love, love, love the wool batting because the quilting shows up so nicely.  Also, this is the first scalloped border I have ever done and am very pleased with the result.  I googled and read several instructions for scalloped border and because everyone cautioned to be careful not to stretch the bias edge, I stabilized it with bias stay tape.  I have used this product before and think it really helped me when applying the binding. 

Then I proceeded to mark my quilt top and quilt it.  I used a combination of spray basting and pinning.  I spray basted lightly and then pinned like crazy. :)

The backing is a pink plaid flannel and the thread I used was Superior's So Fine in white for both bobbin and needle.  
A lot of love goes into the quilts made for my grandchildren.  I read somewhere about prayer quilts, quilts which are made with prayers being said by the quilter for the person the quilt is being made for.  When I made this quilt and the quilt I made last summer for my grandson, (and before that the quilts I made for my granddaughters)  there is a special feeling in my heart - looking forward to their birth I find myself saying little prayers for them also.   I try to make these quilts as best as I can, not so that they can be put away and saved, but so that they can wrap that baby up and keep it warm and later be drug around and used for naps and tents and picnics and play, it is my wish that they be used daily and I hope they have been made well enough to hold up to long use, long enough to comfort and keep warm.   Adios,  Bernie