Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The most beautiful things . . .

Just a little something pretty I found when I cleaned and reorganized my sewing room back in July.  I love to pick these samplers up when I can find them at yard sales, flea markets, auctions.  This particular sampler is so pretty and so neatly done.  I need to press it and have it framed.  It is difficult to capture in a picture because it is stitched in a very pale pink (whisper pink) on off white.  I love the sentiment.  
This past weekend was productive in that I also managed to finish quilting and binding the Halloween quilt I started last August (2010).  I FMQ it myself - mostly just meandering, a few spiderwebs, stars, swirls.  Even though I do find myself getting lost in and enjoying the FMQ, I can't honestly say that I really enjoy it as much as other parts of quilting. I will post a picture of the completed quilt when I get home early enough to catch some good light in the sunroom.  Adios. Bernie    

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tea wallets and Huntington Hobo Excellent customer service

September 13th - the middle of the month almost and Fall is in the air here in Colorado, it has cooled down and there is a bit of rain in the evenings, in short, we are having just beautiful weather.  Sewing Season ! I love it.  I wanted to do a quick update on my blog.  My co-workers and I recently had a small personal wedding shower for a friend at work.  It was just a few friends and the ladies in our work unit, very informal.  We took the future bride to lunch and surprised her. We went to lunch at an absolutely sweet tea house and I hope to post pictures soon.  Of course I forgot my camera, but as soon as we figure out how to get them downloaded from the cell phones taking pictures I will post a few here.  Anyway :) I decided to make some small favors and while looking for ideas on the internet I found pictures of tea wallets.  Perfect!  The best tutorial I found was here  I modified it a bit (adding three and one-half inches to the length so that it could be folded three ways) and VOILA!

Now, there were 12 of these, but of course my camera's battery was almost dead,so I only got these two shots - I think you get the idea.  They were quick and easy and a nice way to remember a fun time.  They would make an excellent little Christmas gift for friends dontcha think?  I used Mary Engelbreit fat quarters for five of them and when that ran out a little wild Zebra print with a pink fabric leftover from Valentine's Day.  Buttons courtesy of my button jars - All out of my stash!
Remember in my last post I mentioned I had a bit of trouble with the Huntington Hobo pattern? I decided to try to email the company and ask for help. I received an email response in less than a day with blown up pictures of the strap insertion! Wonderful, I could see it and understand how to install the shoulder strap.  I was very grateful and sent back big thanks in my email response.  I really did not expect to hear anything back.  Just a few days later I received a letter via snail mail from the same company and they sent me a a little pamphlet with all of their patterns listed and a brand new pattern with COLOR pictures which make the process much easier to follow.  I believe they now are printing their patterns in color for just that reason.  I have no affiliation with Pink Sand Beach Designs, BUT, I wanted everyone who might read this blog to know I think their customer service is fantastic and I will be buying from them again in addition to making more Hobo's from my current pattern.    Adios Bernie