Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snap Happy fever and yo-yo's

Finally, success with the Snap Happy pattern and more bags.  The blue flowered one on the end has my sunglasses in it.  They are oversized to fit over my eyeglasses, so it was hard to find a case they truly fit in. 

I modified the pattern a bit for the smaller bags by adding a seam to box the ends so that they stand up on their own.  I am going to try to get a few more made for Valentine's Day.  I am sending these to my granddaughters filled with goodies.  I have also started making yo-yo's using the Clover yo-yo makers
I am hooked on these too, I might even get over my phobia of hand-sewing. I have a little collection started and a little tin set up with scraps and all I need to sew a few whenever I have a few minutes.
Last night Pueblo West Quilters met and the program was about the internet and all the great patterns, blogs, and inspiration that can be found for quilters.  I have their blog listed on my sidebar, so if you are interested in a quilt show, click over to the guild's site and from there a link will take you to the pictures of all the quilts shown at each meeting.  It is pretty neat.  Our block of the month this year is going to be the same block repeated in different colors each month.  This was our February block.
The pattern for this block is also listed in the pictures section.  I am hoping to go the the quilt retreat this year if I haven't waited too long to sign up.  The weather is still cold and it snowed all day, nothing compared to what other parts of the country are getting, but I sure don't like having to go out in it.  Of course, it didn't keep me away from the guild meeting - LOL.   I should finish my Halloween quilt just in time for Valentine's Day, just one more area to quilt.  Then I really have to find the flannel for my youngest daughter's t-shirt quilt so I can start putting it together.  Also, there are baby quilts I want to get started on.  I moved a small table into the spare bedroom with hopes of sewing a bit each evening, but so far that hasn't happened.   Well, that is all I have for today.  Adios Bernie

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snap Happy Bags & Single Digit winter

Had a little trouble getting into blogger to update, had the thought that everyone is on their computers because of the bitter cold weather we are having across the country.  February 1st - today is my oldest DGD birthday.  Happy Birthday Arianna! My little sweetie! and Valentines Day is this month. My DS was born on Valentines Day and he is a real sweetheart.  My favorite cousin's birthday is the 4th.  This particular February 1st is one of the coldest I can remember.  It is frigid. The high today was 5 degrees and tomorrow more of the same.  Brrrrr. So I made a  nice cuppa Earl Gray tea and sit here to share a few pics. 
Lets talk about Snap Happy bags.  They have made the rounds on several blogs I have read and so of course when I saw the pattern at a local quilt shop I purchased it.  I  tried to sew one without the pattern and it turned out okay, but thought with the pattern I would get better results. 
  The white one with red circles was my own attempt without a pattern.  Then came the blue/red red/blue.  Last is the larger green/brown combo.  These are very cute bags, all kinds of ideas come to mind for different sizes, sunglasses case, cell phone, make-up, etc.  You can't tell from the pictures, but two of the bags have the measuring tape inserted the wrong way.  Don't ask me how I managed that, honestly I must have checked it ten times before sewing it down.  The tabs are oversized and I still managed to not get them in the seam tight enough to hold when used to pull the bag apart.  Also, my bags are not "sealing" as closely as I want them to.  I am going to try to cut the tape shorter and maybe inserting the lining separately to eliminate the inner seam.  Maybe the problem is the quality of the measuring tape which I purchased at the dollar store.  I examined my husband's measuring tape and it is obviously made of a better quality metal, a bit thicker which would give a better "snap".   But I think he would notice if I cut up his good measuring tape so I will have to invest in a good one at the hardware store to try that theory.  Both of my DD's thought they were pretty neat and requested I make them one in more "fashionable" fabric. LOL.   I have been working on the tshirt band quilt and now have 20 tops, cut, squared and fused.  I have been taking pictures and hope to put a tutorial up when it is complete.  Stay warm people.  adios, Bernie