Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Grommet bags and Huntington Hobo

I have spent some time in my sewing room on small projects, just don't feel like quilting right now.  I tried out two new bag patterns.  Like them both, but the purse gave me a bit of trouble, so not sure I will attempt it again.  You have seen the grommet bags? Well I think they are cute little tote. 
These are sew easy - now that I made a couple of them I am going to play around with changing their size and shape.  Now the Huntington Hobo was a good pattern until I got to the part where you put on the strap.  Could not figure it out for the life of me, so just stuffed them down and sewed them on the side seam.  Also, big boo boo on the outside pocket.  Now, I do know what I did wrong, I did the best I could to "fix" it, but it should have been just a small slit had I sewn it correctly.  This is a great big purse though, bigger than I think I would carry, so don't know that I would attempt it again.  I did get to use all stash fabric on these pieces and the lining for the purse is one of my favorites. 

I think a black zipper would have been a better choice, but I wanted to use what I had, also I did not use fusible fleece or any fleece at all.  I used a medium weight interfacing on both the fabric and the lining.  The exterior fabric is home dec weight so it worked out fine.  I have one more pattern I want to test out.  I think it is called Juliet and the directions are the best I have seen with clear pictures following the written instructions.  This weekend is a long weekend for me, so I hope to spend some time either starting a new project or quilting some unfinished table runners.  Adios. Bernie

Sunday, August 14, 2011

YoYo Count increased

I have actually laid out my yo-yo collection and counted them and updated my counter.  Since I have no real plan for these yo-yo's I have been making different sizes and shapes. The heart's are small and cute.  I have also taught my granddaughter's how to sew them in hopes they will add to the collection.  I have a new bag almost complete with pics later, I did one set of straps for it, which came out way too large and stiff so I am redoing them. 

98 yo-yo's sure doesn't look like a lot does it?
Thats all for this weekend.  OH forgot to add, my son in law brought down an air conditioner for my sewing room and I am absolutely going to love it.  It gets unbearably hot in there during midday, since this summer has been so hot I have only been able to get in there early in the morning or late at night (neither a good time for me).  I am so happy with it.  thank you Chris!    Adios, Bernie

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Finished bag;; Vintage quilt from upholstery fabric

No history to tell here, found this quilt at an indoor flea market in Denver, Colorado back in July.  Paid $23 for it.  I have no idea of the age; but thought it was pretty. It is unusual because it is all hand sewn and appears to have been put together entirely from upholstery scraps.  It is a hand sewn with a "thick" thread, I am guessing some type of upholstery thread, it is heavy and it is warm.  The backing is a striped, gauzy type cotton, not lose weave, but thin. 

I have been letting my husband use it on the couch, it is a generous lap size.  There is one small tear in the back.  Has anyone out there seen anything like this, can anybody guess the age from the upholstery pieces? I wonder who put this together? I love it.  Now about that tote bag I downsized and added side straps to make it less floppy.  It came out semi-successful. 
Front, inside and back.  Before I put it together I traced it out onto freezer paper so I would have a template for future experiments.  I like this size. The inside zippered pocket and open pockets are handy and it is still roomy enough to make a good tote.  I finished this only to start another patterned tote.  Still have much left to do on my daughter's t-shirt quilt.  Quilting each shirt individually as the plan is to work on it in a "quilt as you go" type of method.
It is slow going, so to keep from getting tired of working on it these little tote projects are squeezed in.  The weekend is too short for me, hope everyone got a little sewing time in.  Bernie

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thimble Thursdays, Yo-Yo Along, and Blue Tote in Progress

I have added two new buttons on my sidebar - one of them links you to Penny's blog, Sewtakeahike and her Yo-Yo along with counter! Neat idea and fun blog.  I had to grab it just to start counting my yo-yo's.  I started making them just because - they are kind of addictive - now I feel like everytime a put together a few and tuck them in their little tin, its like saving pennies! Ha! The little "yo-yo counter" is cool.  I think you could also use it to count blocks for a quilt, etc.  Thank you Penny.  
If you check out Kathy at Shawkl, she has put out some really neat thimbles for embroidery.  She also has lots and lots of other neat stuff and a very pretty blog.  I have been wanting to attempt embroidery and these little thimbles got me motivated.  Not so much detail I will get lost, a manageble size.  I am four months behind what she has posted, but think I can make progress with these. If put together for a miniature quilt top I think I could showcase a collection of souvineer lapel pins I currently have stuck in an old sunhat. You know, I don't do handsewing or handwork, but ever since I started those yo-yo's I have realized how soothing it is, we will see if branching out to embroidery catches on with me. :)
Last weekend I spent some time in my sewing room putting together a tote (modifying a pattern I had previously used) Remember this
Nice enough, but I wanted something smaller, with pockets inside and ties on the side so it wasn't saggy, baggy when empty. So I cut back on the number of 5" squares (actually used 4 1/2" squares because that is what I had in scraps) and added some pockets and a zipper.  This is what I have done so far - hope to finish up Friday night.  I put the zipper in the lining on one side and pockets on the other.  I used a light weight interfacing on the lining and stacked up the exterior on a very thin poly batting.  I will quilt it and then put together the exterior and lining. 

Adios.  Bernie