Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The most beautiful things . . .

Just a little something pretty I found when I cleaned and reorganized my sewing room back in July.  I love to pick these samplers up when I can find them at yard sales, flea markets, auctions.  This particular sampler is so pretty and so neatly done.  I need to press it and have it framed.  It is difficult to capture in a picture because it is stitched in a very pale pink (whisper pink) on off white.  I love the sentiment.  
This past weekend was productive in that I also managed to finish quilting and binding the Halloween quilt I started last August (2010).  I FMQ it myself - mostly just meandering, a few spiderwebs, stars, swirls.  Even though I do find myself getting lost in and enjoying the FMQ, I can't honestly say that I really enjoy it as much as other parts of quilting. I will post a picture of the completed quilt when I get home early enough to catch some good light in the sunroom.  Adios. Bernie    

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