Thursday, October 13, 2011


First off - thank you to everyone who left a comment - did my heart good and I hope you will come back and visit once in a while.  I took a quick peak of your blogs last night and boy oh boy you all are some busy quilters!  I am not savvy enough to use a numbers generator thingy so everyone's name went into a basket and and I had a good friend close her eyes and pull out a name.  The name was SARAH.  So Sarah Craig please send me your address and I will get the travelling stash on its way to you toot sweet. :)  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Adios, Bernie 
P.S. I will post some pics tonight of what I took and what I added.
This is a picture of what I chose, 2 yummy fat quarters, a pattern for candle covers (guess what my friends are getting for Christmas) :) and an interesting piece of yardage that I was smitten with as soon as I spied it in the box. 

I also picked out a Christmas Advent calendar cheater panel, which I think my grandkids will enjoy if I can get it done in time. 
Here is a pic of my additions. 

I put in a pattern for a backpack style purse; a new pincushion; a quilting puzzle; a bag of Sulky rayon thread and a couple of big spools of Superior thread and six fat quarters in addition to some 1/3 and 1/2 yard pieces; some rick rack, some embroidery patterns and a few little notions. 
I already heard back from Sarah - she is so excited.  Congratulations Sarah.  I had to move up to a bigger box, so at some point I think someone will have to split the stash and pick two winners, then there will be three travelling stashes wandering around. 
Adios, Bernie


  1. Yay for Sarah! You know, the nice thing about this giveaway is that I know to keep an eye on Sarah's blog now ... I'm bound to get my foot in the door here sooner or later! LOL! :)

  2. Woohoo!! Stalking has finally paid off!! I've sent you my e-mail and can't wait to see what comes!!

  3. Congratulations Sarah! And thank you Bernie for putting together such a wonderful bundle of goodies into the Traveling Stash.

  4. Congratulations to Sarah! And now the TS is on it's way to TN--that's soooooo good! It's such a simple and fun little game to play. I hope Sarah enjoys the TS as much as I and Bernie have.

  5. wow, hate I missed this awesome giveaway