Sunday, August 15, 2010

Estate sale finds

Thank you for your sweet comments on my fast and dirty Halloween quilt - I have to dig out the backing this week and hopefully pin baste it next weekend so I can start quilting it - this one might just be done by Halloween! I  don't know how I did it but I deleted my post after uploading probably far too many pics.  Ah well, I will now make this one shorter and I hope sweeter.  I must confess to going with a good girlfriend to an estate sale during our lunch hour last week and purchasing a queen sized hand pieced, hand quilted basket quilt and an old sewing machine. Sewing Machine Anonymous, that is what I need. I have a weakness for old machines, especially if they are going to end up at the local dump.  I can't fix them, but they are interesting to me. But, no more, I have no place to hide, umm I mean store them. :) Anywho, here are a few pics.  OH yeah, I did start cutting blocks for a new quilt today, but more on that later. 
Look at the neat little stitches.
It does have damage to the top and several of the blocks, but I am going to try to patch it up as best as I can and put it on display in the guest bedroom.  I heart it.
Now, about that sewing machine addiction, really, this machine makes a beautiful stitch, all I have to do is figure out how to get that bobbin case out and how to thread it and oil it and I could use it just for piecing. Right?

It has a Montgomery Ward logo, #30, I am guessing maybe 1940's or 50's? Lots of neat attachments.
Part of what intrigued me about this machine - I never saw one like it before, and it is in such good condition. The bobbin case looks like Ft. Knox, not quite sure I want to take it out yet.
I think I have to unscrew it to take it out.  The only thing missing was the manual, but maybe I can find one online.
I hope you all had simply wonderful weekends.


  1. Great finds! I love the basket quilt. Even with a few rough spots, it's a beauty.

  2. That quilt is very unique! I've never seen a pattern quite like it. What fun to find it! love your machine because it looks like it's in pristine shape. The other day we saw a White brand treadle machne. That's what we grew up sewing with as a child. I don't have the funds to buy it now, but I've always wanted to have one like it. This one has been in storage for quite some time and was filthy. I opened it and it looked like everything was intace, but some of the design woodwork on the front of the drawers was broken. Sigh. I'm glad you could pick that slick little number up.

  3. I would be surprised if you have to unscrew it to take the bobbin out, but I confess, I'm not familiar with this machine.

    Can you not just pull with your fingers on either side of the screw.....where the slots are?