Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tooth Fairy pillow sneak peak

Looking around the blogspots it seems to me that lots of quilters are rejuvinated and ready to quilt - the lazy days of summer are winding down unless of course, you live in Australia.:)  My oldest DD (and wonderful mother to my two beautiful granddaughters) called to say they might come down this weekend for the state fair.  There is a kids day parade on Saturday that the girls really like.  There are three parades during the Fair.  The big parade downtown to kick off the Fair, the Kid's Day Parade and then the Fiesta Day Parade on the last day.  They are all fun, but the kids day parade is the best.  It is made up entirely of children and is held in a small area of town called Mesa Junction which is like an old fashioned downtown area with little shops. This parade has been going on for as long as I can remember.  I remember being in it with friends (we rode our bikes, which we decorated ourselves) and my children were in it (we built a float out of a wagon for the younges to ride in). 
I will post pictures if they come early enough for us to attend.  Of course that prompted me to finish up the tooth fairy pillow, so I can give it to -
My youngest grandbaby, as you can see she needs it for the tooth fairy! I decided to try to put some ribbon embrodery on it so it is not quite done yet, but I think I can finish it up by Friday.   In progress sneak peak.

Close up of my attempt at ribbon embroidery.  I will also have to add some sparkly crystals cause my girl loves bling! Then I just need to sew the back on and stuff it. 

I free motion quilted the background with loops and hearts, I will try to get better pics when it is all done. This was one of those preprinted panel sewing projects that I keep an eye out for in the clearance bin.   The little black heart stitched area will be covered with a little heart pocket for the tooth.  I have yet to write anything in my quilt journal book - I should start it with the quiltalong quilt information, does anyone else keep a journal of your quilting? What kind of information do you write in it?  I have a few projects I am actively working on right now, I do want to add a future quilts list to my blog list.  You know, those quilts that you want to try to make because you like the pattern or have an idea for a particular fabric?  Nuff, said for now.  Hope everyone is having a good week.   Bernie

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  1. Amia is such a beautiful little girl! I love the pillow. It's really darling.