Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Busy tablerunner, new tumbler Christmas quilt

Ah Well, no takers on the pay it forward - but I have been busy with several projects.
another project I started last fall and just finished up - in time for Turkey day. I quilted it freemotion with a leaf pattern, but then kind of filled in blank areas with swirls.  I used the chalk pouncer to mark the stencil and sprayed it lightly with cheap hairspray to hold it on (I read that tip somewhere); but even on this small piece I had to go back and trace over with a chalk pencil as the marking rubbed off with all the scrunching and moving around.

I used King Tut varigated thread in the needle and masterpiece thread in the bobbin. I had to adjust the tension a bit, but was satisfied with it. 
I also traded my BabyGo awhile back for a regular size GO and with it came a tumbler die which I was just frantic to try out - so I took out my bag of Christmas themed fabric and cut it all up and laid this out on the bed last night. Whaddya think?
I think it is soo busy it makes me dizzy. Ha! Really, I wanted a scrappy look but didn't haveenough variety to really be scrappy.  It is larger than I intended, so it will be the living room couch quilt during the holidays if I can get it finished by December.  Absolutely love the GO cutter, these blocks fit together perfectly and there are 144 of them and the GO made it a so easy.  Some of that fabric is pretty old, I think it moved with me 11 or more years ago.  It always feels good to finish a project.  I have seen several Christmas countdowns on the internet - the holidays are just sneaking up on me.  I hope to be able to sew a few small gifts for friends at work, my intentions are good, I just need to schedule my time a bit better.  Well that is all for now, I want to go visit a few blogs before bed. Adios. Bernie  


  1. I love your tumbler! I made a small tumbler christmas fabrics (top) last year, still haven't quilted it, keep thinking I want to add words to the outer border (if I get around to an outer border)

    I love the large tumbler and love it in themed prints, Dibs on your scraps- love them all- cw

  2. love your tumbler quilt top, looks great...

  3. You have been busy! I just love the tumblers, that will make one beautiful scrap quilt. You certainly have a ton of Christmas fabrics! I have the tumbler quilt on my "to make" list for someday, but I don't have the GO!....yet! :)
    Have a great day!

  4. I love my tumbler die! The Peony Teacup has a tutorial for adding sashing strips to tumbler blocks.

    I love how it calms down a tumbler quilt.