Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tis the Season to be Jolly

Well here it is 12-01-2011 - lots of neat calendar numbers there.  November is a blur, must have been all that pumpkin pie I ate.  I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I was blessed to have all my children and grandchildren, dad and stepmother, youngest brother and his wife and my nephew and niece all together in our home for Thanksgiving dinner.  I loved it. It was a fun day.  Before going home, my granddaughters decorated the tree for me.
Oh and look SANTA (in training)

This is my youngest grandchild and my only grandson.  His gramma Bernie just had to see him in the Santa suit she bought him!.  That is his momma holding him (my oldest daughter), such a good momma.  I love them all very much.  She brought the quilt I made for him so that I could get some pictures of it.  My daughter and her husband did not want to know the sex of the baby before he was born, but I was so SURE it was a boy that I made a boy quilt and all boy baby things.  My husband asked me what I was going to do if she had a girl? Well, I said, I will just get busy making girly things.   Even though I used a cheater panel for his quilt I built blocks around it and FMQ it and was so pleased with my FMQ for once! This is an oversized baby quilt, but still so much easier to handle under the sewing machine than larger quilts.  It is a flannel quilt too (except for the orange pieces), so it is so cuddly and soft.  I was happy to see them using it now that the weather has turned cold. 

I just let myself quilt whatever felt right, no pattern, lots of swirls or followed the sweet print on the panel.  I used light blue thread. 
Here is a pic of the back (a flannel I had in my stash for years)

The colors are pastel and it was difficult to get a decent picture, but the colors are not as washed out as they appear in the pictures. 
I did get a border put on the tumbler quilt from my last post, but don't think it will be quilted by Christmas (big sigh).  I have been working on a T-shirt quilt as a favor for a friend,I will post pics of it and the sad story behind it next week.  Adios  Bernie


  1. merry christmas to you, what a blessing to have family visit. the baby is adorable and so is his quilt! cw

  2. What beautiful quilting on the baby quilt! I like how you did such a variety of designs, just at your whim! I may have to try that if I can step out of my "organized" box/comfort zone.

  3. Such a fun and colorful baby quilt! I love doing FMQ and having fun following the design of the quilt.