Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Long time gone

Well, I think I have gotten back into my blogspot.  Its been so long I had trouble reentering a  password and verifying it was really me.  Looks like I stopped blogging a bit after my granddaughter was born, since then I have a new grandson too, so the last two years have been pretty darn busy.   I am hoping to get back into my quilting, I have been sewing a lot of baby things, but not quilts.  I have tried to keep up a bit with my favorite blogs, Vesuviusmama and That Man Quilts? to name a few.  I rejoined the quilt guild this year and have to post some pics of some really wonderful vintage blocks which came into my possession !  I cannot post daily, but I think I will make it part of my routine on Sundays.  Hope everyone hasn't forgotten me -


  1. BERNIE!!! I'm so happy you've come back! Congrats on the two new grandkids. Hearing from you is great.

  2. Thanks Barb - you made me smile. I am glad to be back and feeling as though I will have time again to sew, create, quilt. You have been busy too, I see you had a class with Bonnie H. I am so jealous - what fun.