Monday, January 26, 2015

Hard time posting

Having a hard time getting into my blog to post, but will keep trying.  Wish there was an easy way to post pics as that is such a good record keeping history for me.  Looking back - looks like six months or every new grandchild is when I get around to post and YUP another new grandbaby due in June :).  No wonder I have no time to post.  ha-ha.   I have been putting together a baby quilt for a baby shower for one of my cousin's daughters (first baby) and working on another pattern I have had for several years now. 
This is a rough out of it - I still have to add detail with some hand embroidery I think - and quilting to define it better.  This is one of a series of patterns of old adobe churches in New Mexico.  I have two of the patterns, but don't think I will do the whole series, I am looking at it for a wall hanging. 
The baby shower quilt I am still working on but will post pics by this weekend I hope.  I have picked up embroidery this past year and am contemplating trying to hand quilt.  
I am a bit behind the whole new year goals, but think I will be working on finishing up two quilt tops of my own and two quilt tops I purchased in the second hand stores.  New baby quilt for next grandbaby and of course cute baby things for 2015. 

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