Thursday, July 28, 2011

M&M Quilt Retreat 2011

I have tried posting three times now and am getting pretty frustrated, hopefully third times a charm.  It has been awhile since I have posted, lots of life has happened, my youngest graduated high school, my niece graduated college and my oldest daughter and her husband were blessed with a brand new baby boy (and so we have a new grandbaby).
Back in April I attended a quilt retreat and boy was it a blast.  This past weekend I finally added the borders to the quilt top from that retreat.

I even attempted mitered corners cause I wanted the horses to keep moving around the quilt. 
My roommates at the retreat - really sweet, talented ladies
And the two wonderful ladies who plan and run the retreat

There were many, beautiful quilt tops put together.  It was a mystery quilt retreat and so everyone's quilt was completely different, but the same !
I just love this pattern. 
I hope to work some on my daughter's Band TShirt quilt top this weekend and work on a block for my Christmas quilt.   Hopefull, this post will take.  Have a good weekend all.   Bernie


  1. Congratulations on all the good things that are happening with your family. Your quilt is gorgeous. It is so cool seeing all the other quilts and how different they look with other color combinations.

  2. Good to hear from you, Bernie. I love how you made the horses gallop around the entire quilt! Congrats on thenew grandbaby too.

  3. Fun photos! Looks like you were out west!