Monday, January 17, 2011

A new apron and project progress

This was a good weekend.  I finished one apron and worked on the Christmas applique blocks AND started cutting and fusing  the t-shirt quilt.  There was no model available so here is the apron as best as could be arranged on the back of my sewing chair

The buttons will be added to the top to put a little "tuck" in the bib area, which is too big.  but luv the big pink pocket and ruffles.  I made the pattern XL which would be perfect for a man (without the ruffles maybe) LOL, so I will make it again for the "guys" in the family to give next year for Christmas.  They are all pretty good cooks.  
Now this Christmas applique quilt is part of a block of the month I purchased a couple of  years ago and just got burnt out on. 

I don't know if these pictures will allow you to enlarge them or not, but the pieces are all appliqued by machine using decorative stitches and threads.  I am especially proud of my snowflakes. 

I completed two rows and quit.  I worked on two blocks this weekend and got to the point where I am ready to stitch the applique down, but I think I will work on the entire row and then applique as that requires changing thread fairly often.  Below are the two blocks ready to be appliqued.

This little angel and tree are facing the wrong direction, I forgot to reverse it when I traced it, but it is okay, I will use a darker thread to outline her so her little feet don't get lost in the snow. :)

Next was my youngest daughter's T-shirt quilt which will be a "band" quilt.  Her collection of concert t-shirts.  I will need to figure out a layout after getting them all cut and stabilized, because I realized today that I cannot cut them down to one size.  Pictures of those will come later, not much to look at now. This is her graduation quilt so I have until spring to get it completed, my plan is to back it with flannel and skip the batting, but now I am not so sure because it is hard to find the flannels I want.  Right now I just want to get them all cut out. 

I also spent a little bit of time reorganizing fabrics.  I usually purchase fabrics with an idea or pattern in mind.  It might start out with just a particular color combination or a pattern I want to try out.  So, my fabric is organized by project rather than by color.  This seems to be working for me except that I really need to label my containers so that I know what is in them.  Time is wasted opening them up to look for a certain pattern/project.  Hope everyone got some sewing time in this weekend.  I'll be checking your blogs. Adios, Bernie


  1. the apron is adorable, I always think I am going to make some and rarely ever do.
    the other day I found some cow print and my DIL said her friend loves cows. an hour later we had an apron sewn up. why can I do it if I don't have a plan and not do it if it is on my TO DO list?

  2. Love the apron, especially the ruffled hem. Great job!