Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thanks to Vesuviusmama & take a look at that potholder!

It is snowing to beat the band outside and I doubt very much the roads will be decent for driving tomorrow, so maybe I will take a day to stay in and sew.  My youngest daughter came home and brought two of her girlfriends with her and so I have plenty of company.  We will all be snowed in together. 
The new background for my blog now includes and a real booklist (big thanks to  Erin at My Patchwork Life for giving me directions I could follow) :)  I just finished Christmas with Tucker by Greg Kincaid and recommend it highly. 
I also tried to upload my pictures directly from Shutterfly, but not too sure I like that.  Big OOOH and AAAH for that potholder, which was practically a whole afternoon project.  The matching microwave mit did NOT turn out and after ripping it apart twice, it went into the trash bin. YES, that is a corning ware coffee pot sitting on my stovetop - I make my coffee on the stove and it is soooo good.   I did cut out three more potholders and an two aprons, but jumped the tracks and started another project which I already had cut and waiting (I think I will finish it tomorrow if I stay home). 
Yesterday was a sunny, if cool day and some dear friends called and invited me to lunch.  We went to lunch and then did a little shopping at local antique stores and of course the little quilt shop on the way.  It was so much fun and the quilt shop was clearancing out their Christmas fabric, so we all collected some pieces and I pretty much spent the last of my Christmas cash.  I seem to have a definite blue streak going fabricwise and when I figure out how to download the pictures from my camera I will post pictures of what I purchased.  Adios. Bernie

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