Friday, January 14, 2011

Tablerunner (I think)

Finished piecing this table topper which was orignally intended for Thanksgiving, but after piecing the blocks I was very unhappy with the colors.  I chose a deep, dark pumpkin solid (I blame that choice on all the pumpkin bread I was baking at the time LOL) and just thought it was ugly.  It came down to either put it away in a box and never look at it again or finish it.  I had just barely enough of the fruit patterned fabric for the outside border and that made a big difference to my eye.  It was  hard to photograph, the color seems off.    ah well, if I cover it with a centerpiece and candles it won't be too bad. :)

This weekend is a long weekend for me, so I am planning to work on the aprons and pot holders I have been so busy cutting out.  I also vow to work on at least one block of the Christmas quilt I started two years ago and start my daughter's t-shirt quilt (if I can find the knit interfacing).  Adios Bernie


  1. my projects never photo the right color either. lovely piece I hope you get to enjoy it. cw

  2. Bernie, I really like your runner. But then, I always like autumn colors. If your really do hate it, you can always send it to me. LOL

  3. Thanks Cheryl and Barb, well, now I have a few months to get it quilted and bound for next fall, these smaller projects are so much easier to practice my FMQ on.