Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mixing, matching, I love the weekends

I missed the Friday night sew-in, just too unmotivated to do more than read and relax.  Saturday mornings are for QVC AM Style while I tidy up my bedroom and drink my coffee.  Then 2 sewing shows on the local PBS channel, today is Fons and Porter and Sewing with Nancy, both excellent programs.  I was hoping to get into the sewing room this morning, but my glasses are broken and I need to get to the eye doctor and get them fixed before noon when the office closes or I will be near blind all weekend.  I have an old backup pair, but they are not quite the same prescription.  Remember the fun day I had with friends awhile back? Well, we did some quilt shop shopping and this was what I purchased.  I really fell in love with the blue and white on the far left in this picture. 
I love big florals - and the check/plaid? fabric just went with it.  This might turn into another apron, but I am also thinking pillowcases so we will see. 
I added the top purchase to fabric I already had on hand

Ummm - no, I think I will pull out the blue and white piece and add a dark green.  The mottled red is not really working either.  I don't often buy yardage for quilting unless I am looking for backing fabric or a pattern specifically needs it.  Again, I am thinking if it doesn't turn into a quilt it might turn into placemats and napkins.  I need to get busy now so I can have some fun later today in the sewing room. Adios - Bernie


  1. QVC!!! My mom is a QVC addict!! She keeps the UPS man employed!

    Lovely fabrics! Can't wait to see how you use them all.

  2. great fabrics! I don't buy a lot of yardage either, never know what to do with it. Give me a yd and I am happy, 1/2 yd is even better!! cw