Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Grommet bags and Huntington Hobo

I have spent some time in my sewing room on small projects, just don't feel like quilting right now.  I tried out two new bag patterns.  Like them both, but the purse gave me a bit of trouble, so not sure I will attempt it again.  You have seen the grommet bags? Well I think they are cute little tote. 
These are sew easy - now that I made a couple of them I am going to play around with changing their size and shape.  Now the Huntington Hobo was a good pattern until I got to the part where you put on the strap.  Could not figure it out for the life of me, so just stuffed them down and sewed them on the side seam.  Also, big boo boo on the outside pocket.  Now, I do know what I did wrong, I did the best I could to "fix" it, but it should have been just a small slit had I sewn it correctly.  This is a great big purse though, bigger than I think I would carry, so don't know that I would attempt it again.  I did get to use all stash fabric on these pieces and the lining for the purse is one of my favorites. 

I think a black zipper would have been a better choice, but I wanted to use what I had, also I did not use fusible fleece or any fleece at all.  I used a medium weight interfacing on both the fabric and the lining.  The exterior fabric is home dec weight so it worked out fine.  I have one more pattern I want to test out.  I think it is called Juliet and the directions are the best I have seen with clear pictures following the written instructions.  This weekend is a long weekend for me, so I hope to spend some time either starting a new project or quilting some unfinished table runners.  Adios. Bernie


  1. I love those bags! Especially the Quilter's Newspaper fabric--where did you find it? And the pink roses for lining in the other bag are great! You may have a new career looking at you, Bernie as a fashionista! :)

  2. Hi Barb, thanks for commenting, sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself (I do that too :)). I have had that Quilter's Newspaper fabric for years, I think I purchased it way back when Walmart still sold fabric. No one will ever call me a fashionista, but the bags are a nice break when I am in a quilting slump. I am learning that not all patterns are that great to work with though. Bernie