Sunday, August 7, 2011

Finished bag;; Vintage quilt from upholstery fabric

No history to tell here, found this quilt at an indoor flea market in Denver, Colorado back in July.  Paid $23 for it.  I have no idea of the age; but thought it was pretty. It is unusual because it is all hand sewn and appears to have been put together entirely from upholstery scraps.  It is a hand sewn with a "thick" thread, I am guessing some type of upholstery thread, it is heavy and it is warm.  The backing is a striped, gauzy type cotton, not lose weave, but thin. 

I have been letting my husband use it on the couch, it is a generous lap size.  There is one small tear in the back.  Has anyone out there seen anything like this, can anybody guess the age from the upholstery pieces? I wonder who put this together? I love it.  Now about that tote bag I downsized and added side straps to make it less floppy.  It came out semi-successful. 
Front, inside and back.  Before I put it together I traced it out onto freezer paper so I would have a template for future experiments.  I like this size. The inside zippered pocket and open pockets are handy and it is still roomy enough to make a good tote.  I finished this only to start another patterned tote.  Still have much left to do on my daughter's t-shirt quilt.  Quilting each shirt individually as the plan is to work on it in a "quilt as you go" type of method.
It is slow going, so to keep from getting tired of working on it these little tote projects are squeezed in.  The weekend is too short for me, hope everyone got a little sewing time in.  Bernie

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