Sunday, August 14, 2011

YoYo Count increased

I have actually laid out my yo-yo collection and counted them and updated my counter.  Since I have no real plan for these yo-yo's I have been making different sizes and shapes. The heart's are small and cute.  I have also taught my granddaughter's how to sew them in hopes they will add to the collection.  I have a new bag almost complete with pics later, I did one set of straps for it, which came out way too large and stiff so I am redoing them. 

98 yo-yo's sure doesn't look like a lot does it?
Thats all for this weekend.  OH forgot to add, my son in law brought down an air conditioner for my sewing room and I am absolutely going to love it.  It gets unbearably hot in there during midday, since this summer has been so hot I have only been able to get in there early in the morning or late at night (neither a good time for me).  I am so happy with it.  thank you Chris!    Adios, Bernie

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